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We are the Creator of our own reality

It took me 37 years to really understand this deeply.  I somehow knew that there was a way we could achieve anything in life and all my life I was searching for it.

My first encounter was with the book “Psychocybernetics” outside the Jeevan buy and Save in Chennai when I had just finished my twelfth standard. There was a clutter of old books and somehow my eye landed on it. I bought that book and it resonated so deeply with me. The book talks about self image and how it determines our behavior and results and how human beings are goal seeking machines, that need goals to feel happy.

The main way I used the book was around changing my self image of being an introvert.  I have been tongue tied in groups unable to express myself. So every night in my room, I would imagine easily talking to people and being the center of attention.  Magically then a lot of my fear vanished and I did become a totally new person. I am still an introvert and  I like time by myself as supposed to being in groups, but I can easily express myself whenever I want to.

A recent video of Rhonda Byrnes “Everything is possible” really made everything clear for me. Our beliefs create our reality and our beleifs are lodged in our subconscious mind. By changing our beleifs we can create the reality in our life.

From Psych cybernetics to the “Greatest secret” by Rhonda Byrnes, I have come a long way. If you are interested to learn more about how actually to achieve a goal you set for yourself, get my free cheat sheet to achieve any goal you set your mind on.

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