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Resentment, Guilt and Negative Emotions

Resentment, guilt, anger and other negative emotions act as blocks on the awareness that flows through us.  And they are not useful to us in any way.

One of my favorite mentors Bob Proctor summarized having guilt and resentment as looking at a rear view mirror.  When we are able to forgive all that has happened in the past , we are able to look forward and build the future the way we want.

Only recently I started looking at my life and all the resentment I had towards others. Slowly I tried to see it from the other person’s perspective and forgive them for what they have done. When I did that I started to feel more free.

Bob Proctor again says “Resentment is like blowing sand at somebody, it only blows back at us. ”  If you did feel someone has wronged you, there is no need for us to set it right. There are universal laws in motion that will take care of it. All we can do is simply forgive them and move on.

Rhonda Byrne who is the famous creator of “Secret” in her recent book “The Greatest Secret”, talks about welcoming. Whenever a negative emotion arises, welcome it and give it a hug like a long lost friend. Usually when negative emotions come up, we feel so scared that we resist them. Instead if we welcome them, they usually flow right through us.

Lester Levenson who was given a very grim diagnosis and just a few months to live, followed this welcoming technique for a few months to become enlightened.


These are some of the practices that I am doing recently and it has made a drastic difference in my happiness.


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