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Forgiveness to let go of our emotional clutter

We all take a lot of pain to make sure our physical environment is clean, organized. But we carry around a lot of emotional clutter. Anger, resentment around something that happened ages ago are still hidden inside our bodies. These clutter keep trying to get out in various situations adding up to the repressed feelings inside us. One day the feelings just get out of control and burst out.

Forgiving yourself and anyone else means letting go of the feelings around whatever happened. If something didn’t happen the way you wanted it to, let it go. The beauty of it is when you let go and forgive, you start to feel happier. A lot of the negative emotions when cleared reveals a clean flowing river which was buried under a lot of clutter.

Here are some actions you can take immediately to start forgiving

1. Make a list of things that you are angry about yourself or not really proud of yourself for doing that. Feel the feeling that you have around that and say, I love you and thank you. Look at the positive of that situation, what exactly did you learn from that?

2. Make a list of things that you are angry with someone else. Understand their perspective, they were probably doing their best at the moment. Tell them within yourself that you understand them and forgive them.

3. Forgive your negative emotions. Resistance occurs when you are not ok with something that is happening. You want something else to happen. This is magical since when you feel the feeling around some negative event (that is not the way you want something to happen) you start to feel joyful again. Do this all day long, when things don’t go the way you want to, when people don’t react the way you want to, just welcome that feeling instead of saying – no , i dont like this feeling.

Let me know if you tried these. If you would like to talk more about achieving your goals, email me at

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