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Resistance and Happiness

In college I often had a thought that we as human beings have resistance in us, like electric wires do. The more the resistance, less electricity can flow through it.  Similarly, when we have more resistance within us, we let less happiness to flow through us.

When I was in school I often wanted to get first rank and my very waking existence was spent chasing that, working harder and harder. When we want something really desperately, we increase our resistance to it.

However when I entered college, I decided that I was not going to worry or obsess about how I do academically. I was going to enjoy this whole experience of college.  And was my resistance was so low that I could get whatever I wanted.

Happiness is also connected to how aligned we are with our source energy. That time of perfect alignment is when I felt happiness and joy bubbling in me.  Less resistance leads to more happiness and more happiness leads to more alignment which leads to more happiness.

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