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Manifesting your desires

Recently I saw a video by Sadhguru about manifesting desires. We can only manifest what we know, He said. And that was my life for a very long time. I desired comfort and success and got all of it and yet was unfulfilled. Sadhguru blessed Matthew Mcconaughey (I think) that we should experience something that we had not thought of in our wildest imaginations.

And then at one point in my life I had one such experience where it was beyond my wildest comprehension. I saw my truth and who I was. I am not sure what really kindled that experience and how I could get back to that feeling. I could experience love physically in my heart and I experienced love with every single human being. My life has never been the same since then. I have heard it happens when your kundalini awakens, but I am not really sure what happened.

I hope in my life I have many more experiences that I have not dreamed in my wildest fantasies. I am working on a novel in which I hope to transmute that feeling to all my readers.  Stay tuned!

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