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Once you have seen something you cannot unsee it

We all have been taught many lies. One of it is if we all act in a certain way, work hard and achieve some things we will be happy.

We are all absolutely as unique as we can be. However it seems the world and people around us are trying to make us conform to what the society dictates. And we suffer when our inside voice says something different from what the society wants us to do.

Many of us are infact oblivious of this voice inside of us.  The way our fingerprints are unique, our desires , our talents and our interests and our personality are all unique. And when we see who this real person is and embrace this person with all the flaws, that is when happiness starts.

Isn’t it awesome that there is someone in this world that thinks your flaws are absolutely beautiful, that is what makes you unique?

My life changed when I saw this real me. This absolutely unique person that struggles to fit into any environment that I am put in, yet seamlessly integrates into the new environment. A misfit that fits in effortlessly anywhere.

And once you have seen the truth, you cannot unsee it to go back and live a lie.

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