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Day 2 of Joy Blogging

Recently we saw the movie “Space Jam” (First movie in the theatre since the pandemic) . After the movie I asked Sid, what he learned from the movie. He told me about the characters and what they did. But not what I wanted to hear.

Then at night he was telling me stories about his class and how his friends were upset with him for something. He said he was yelling and his friends didn’t like that. I tried to explain that we need to take into consideration other people’s feelings and if what we do bothers others we shouldn’t do it. Then he shouted out “But my friends don’t let me do “ME”” (Which was the essence of SPACE JAM). I laughed out loud and indeed he had gotten the crux of the movie.

At one point in my life where I was obsessed with finding my passion or life purpose, I heard Elizabeth Gilbert mention “follow your joy” . I tried to recollect some of the happiest times of my life was when I was in my college where I spent most of my free time writing. I wrote crappy poetry , I updated my blog, I was working on a novel and it indeed gave me most joy. But somehow I had forgotten this joy.

Group dance sessions have also been something that has given me great joy, though it is hard to find a class that I really enjoy.

And another memory I have of joy was when I first read “The Guide” by R.K.Narayan. I was sad and upset about something (dont really remember what it was) and I went to a local book lender store I frequented. The Guide stood in front of me. The next day or two as I read it, it filled me with inexplicable joy. I recently reread that book and the book never fails to fill me up with joy.

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